When I started this blog, I had hoped we would be able to create a nice healthy mix of video and written content. Unfortunately, video has proven to be a bit of a challenge, so for now… we’re sticking with written.

But never say never; I’m going to be tinkering with our video set-up over the next couple of weeks, and hopefully we’ll be back at it. A little while a go, I had attempted to record a ‘full face first impressions’ using the newly released Revolution Pro range from Revolution (formerly known as Makeup Revolution). Due to some various cock-ups with the sound, picture and just general incompetence on my part; the video never made it to the web. At least, not in the form that I wanted…

– So trying out my first video! This was edited down from a failed video testing out a full face of @makeuprevolution! The Revolution Pro line had recently launched so wanted to test it all out… quality isn’t great but would you like to see more video posts?! ———————————————————————— Products Used * Prime Oil (£7) * Full Cover Camouflage Foundation (£7) * Full Cover Camouflage Concealer (£4) * Loose Finishing Powder (£6) * All About Bronze Palette (£6) * Sugar & Spice Blush Palette (£6) * 4K Highlight Palette – Rose Gold (£8) * Regeneration Trends Azure Eyeshadow Palette (£8) * Supreme Lip Pigment – Veil (£4) * Supreme Matte Finishing Spray (£6) – #revolutionpro #makeuprevolution #drugstoremakeup

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However, I have now played around with the products for a few weeks now, and decided I would instead give you a little round-up of the products we tried and tell you what’s worth adding to your collection, and what should be avoided. Bear in mind that everyone has different needs when it comes to makeup; so take my critiques with a pinch of salt. If it works for you, then great! That’s all that matters.

Pro-Makeup at a Drugstore price?

Previously, I had only tried a few items from the Makeup revolution brand. The Conceal & Define concealer made our March Favourites list, along with the New-trals VS Neutrals eyeshadow palette. I was genuinely impressed with how well these products worked, especially for their very low price point. So when they announced they were releasing a ‘Pro’ range, but still keeping the price affordable, I was excited. I had to wait a little while to get hold of everything (but a 3 for 2 makeup offer at Superdrug made it SUPER affordable). Within a couple of days, I had 2 big boxes full of makeup that I was eager to try. Now please bear in mind, this isn’t the COMPLETE range; I am of course purchasing these products and I simply couldn’t afford to get every single item to try. Also, since I made my initial purchases, Revolution have released even more products into the PRO line. Hopefully in the future, I’ll get to try out and talk about the things I’ve missed. So let’s get on with things, shall we?


There are several primers available in the PRO lineup; so far I have only tried 2 of them.

The first was the Prime Oil (£7). This can be used on it’s own as a primer before makeup, mixed in with a matte foundation for a more hydrating finish OR you can just use it as part of your regular skincare routine. The oil is a nourishing blend of grape, almond, jojoba, olive, argan, chamomile and lavender oils. It claims to soothe and nourish the skin, allowing for seamless makeup application. The oil itself does indeed feel very nourishing and does leave my skin feeling soft and with a slightly smoother texture. You do need to be careful as too much can leave the skin feeling greasy, and causes issues with foundation application. For me, if I’m going to use this. I actually add about 2 drops to my regular moisturiser. Even on days when I’m not doing makeup, that extra hit of oil really helps my skin stay plumped up and healthy looking all day.

The second primer I tried was the ‘Perfecting Featherweight Primer’ (£7). This is a silicone based primer that feels very similar to things like the ‘POREFessional’ by Benefit. It’s supposed to blur the skin and give a soft satin finish. I have to admit, these sorts of primers, I don’t really get on very well with. In terms of blurring, it’s hard to really notice any difference, mainly as I don’t really have an issue with large, visible pores; my main issues are texture and dryness. It doesn’t really change my texture and this primer can actually enhance any dry patches I might have. But I will say it does leave a nice smooth finish; so foundation does apply on top of this beautifully. It’s not my favourite, but sometimes I might reach for this, just for around my nose; as this is the only place I feel that it does have a positive effect.


There are 2 foundations released as part of the Pro line; the Full Cover Camouflage Foundation and the Pro Foundation Drops.

The Full Cover Camouflage Foundation is a matte finish foundation that claims to offer full coverage. It is available in 18 shades, and they do offer a good balance of light to dark shades. You get 25ml for £7. I use the shade F6, which is for light skin with warm undertone. The coverage is pretty good. It’s definitely buildable, and I would agree that it is full coverage. I did have some issues with this foundation when I first tried it. I had used the Priming Oil as my base, and the foundation became quite difficult to blend out, and was a little patchy. When used with other primers that aren’t oil-based, the application is smoother. The formula does dry down to a matte finish, and for my skin, it is perhaps a little too matte. I do prefer a slightly more dewier finish, however I would imagine for skin that’s prone to a little shine, this might be a good fit. These are packaged in tubes, which do feel a little… cheap. It’s also silicone-based, so if you have any sensitivities to silicone, you may want to avoid.

The Foundation Drops are a medium coverage foundation, but one that is also buildable. Like the Full Cover foundation, it’s available in the same shades, so whatever shade you use, you can use the corresponding colour in the other foundation; so in my case, F6. You get 18ml for £7 This is a foundation that I have found applies better with a brush for me, rather than a sponge. There is a dedicated Drop Foundation Brush which retails for £7. You drop the foundation into the little dimple in the middle and then blend out. I personally do not like the brush; the bristles are a little too soft and I find the finish is a little more streaky. When it comes to foundation brushes, I really do love using my Morphe Y6. The finish of this foundation is on the dewier side; it almost reminds me of the NYX total control drop foundation. It blends out nicely and gives a nice natural finish. I definitely prefer this foundation to the full cover. I do enjoy the packaging for this foundation; little glass bottles that do feel quite sturdy. This foundation, unlike the full cover, is water-based.

Foundation Mixers

There are also a couple of mix-in mediums for foundation; I grabbed the Illuminating Mixer (£7), as I do really love a good glow-y finish in my foundations. It feels more natural to me. Mixed in with the Full Cover foundation, it doesn’t effect the ‘matte-ness’ of the foundation, but it does give a little bit of a ‘dewy’ look; so whilst the foundation is matte, it almost looks satin. For me, it works better with the actual foundation drops. I usually add about 2 drops to around 4 drops of foundation for a good medium coverage.

There are 3 other mixers; an orange mixer (£6) which allows you to adjust foundations that lean a little towards the ‘cool’ or pink side. And then there are lightening (£6) and darkening (£6) drops which will allow you to (as the names suggest) lighten or darken foundations to your requirements. I personally have no need for these, but there are options there if you need them.


In the PRO lineup, there is only one concealer – the Full Cover Camouflage Concealer (£4); designed to work with the foundation. For me, this concealer is a big ‘No’. Firstly, the tube design makes it a little awkward to apply the product. I either need to squirt on the back of my hand and then dip in with a brush before blending out, or carefully squeeze it under the eye, where you can accidentally apply too much. Secondly, I really do not like the texture. It does have GOOD coverage. I wouldn’t say it was ‘Full’ but it’s certainly not a lightweight concealer. But I find that the formula here is just too greasy, and somewhat sticky. It took a little effort to blend out, and once it was blended, it just felt heavy under my eyes.

Personally, if you are going to go for a concealer, get the Conceal and Define; it’s the same price but it comes in a tube with a doe-foot application. The formula is also lighter and much easier to blend and looks beautiful. It’s also available in 24 shades. That one doesn’t crease as much as this one did. Unfortunately, the Full Cover Concealer will be at the back of my makeup drawer. But that’s fine; I can accept that there is a product that just doesn’t work for me, but it may work for you.


I have to admit, recently I’ve been trying to not set my face; I feel that once I’ve applied powder to my skin, it just saps away all moisture and when you have skin that’s prone to being a little dry, this means that makeup can then look extremely powdery or cake-y on the skin. There are 2 powders for setting; one is loose (which I have) and one that is pressed (that I haven’t tried). The loose finishing powder is a silica base that is ‘translucent’. Personally, I feel it does have a bit of a white cast. The powder is very finely milled, in fact, it doesn’t even feel like a powder. I only use this to set concealer; and to be honest, I just didn’t like the finish. It’s very similar to the NYX HD loose setting powder, and I really did not like that. However, if you do; this is cheaper at £6 a pot.

Bronzer, Blush & Highlight

At the time of launch, for reasons I do not know, Revolution did not release dedicated Bronzers or Blushes. They had contour kits (loose trios of highlight, contour and brightening powder) but no bronzers or blushes. So in order to complete a ‘full face’ experience, I had to delve into the standard Revolution line, and I picked up 2 palettes; Sugar & Spice Blush Palette and All About Bronze Blush Palette. The latter is still described as a blush palette, but to me, it looked like it had the ideal shades for bronzer for my skin.

The Sugar and Spice Palette contains 6 matte blushes and 2 ‘illuminated’ blushes, that could almost be used as pink-toned highlights, or even eyeshadow toppers. The matte blushes however are nicely pigmented and offer a mixed variety of hues; so this palette might work with a good range of skin tones. You can go in light for that lightly flushed look, or build it up; but it does all blend out smoothly. It’s a great price too at £6.

The All About Bronze Palette is a mix of matte, shimmer and baked bronzers and highlights; so you can contour, bronze and give some glow all from one palette. For darker skin tones, there is a beautiful gold shimmery highlight. The other 2 ‘highlight’ shades are still perhaps a bit too dark for me, but I can still make them work. Like the blush palette, these are nicely pigmented and super-blendable. Again, this palette retails for around £6.

As for Highlight, in the PRO range, these released several highlight palettes. There are 2 highlight quads (Rose Gold & Gold) and 3 mini Supreme Highlight (£6) trios (Metal, Ice and Gold). At the time I was trying to get all this, I could only get my hands on the Rose Gold 4K Highlighting Palette (£8). The Supreme highlights were sold out, and I have yet had a chance to get my hands on them. As for the Rose Gold, I actually don’t think most of the shades in here really work for me. The palest shade is almost ICEY white, and the other shades are far more ‘bronzier’ than I normally like, so they don’t really sit well on my skin. They are also quite chalky and kick up a lot – the inside of my palette is disgusting! These are quite soft in texture, so application with a fan brush has worked best for me. It’s not my favourite highlight and I rarely reach for it. The shades might make nice eyeshadow or lip toppers; but as for illuminating my face, it’s a pass.


My first experience with Revolution Eyeshadows was with the New-Trals VS Neutrals palette. And I was pretty impressed, especially as the palette was only £6.99. Sure, there was a fair bit of fallout, but the colours did blend wonderfully, and were nicely pigmented. So naturally, I was very excited to try out some of the new PRO palettes; and there are A LOT of them. They released 2 ‘sets’ of palettes, if you like. There are the ‘Regeneration’ palettes (£8 each), that each contain 18 shades. I grabbed 3 of them: ‘Restoration’, ‘Celestial’ and ‘Trends Azure’. They also released mini Supreme Eyeshadow palettes (£6 each) – almost pocket sized and they have 8 shades inside. I grabbed the palette ‘Allure’.

The ‘Restoration’ palette is neutral palette, featuring nudes and warm orange and plum shades. There is a mixture of mattes and silky shimmers. I chose this because I felt the colour scheme was very similar to the ABH palettes, but this one is £8 versus the £40 price tag of, say, Modern Renaissance? I love the shade names in this palette; it all feels very heavily 90’s orientated, with shades named ‘Cher’, ‘No Doubt’, ‘Britney’, ‘Firestarter’, ‘No Limit’ and ‘Friends’. It has me feeling very nostalgic. The shimmers are very subtle in this palette; they are not chunky metallics but rather smooth and subtle; best applied with a finger. I love this palette for creating soft glam or every day kind of eyeshadow looks. There is fallout, but it’s manageable, and the shadows are pigmented and do blend very well.

The ‘Celestial’ palette, I wanted because it was full of these beautiful metallic marbled shades. They simply looked stunning in the palette. In person however, they are little… less impressive. They are nicely shimmery and do have a nice shine to them; they just come across a bit more ‘muted’ across the eye, as they are more… pastel, shall we say? I find these work best if I have cut my crease, as this really allows the colour to shine through. There are only a few mattes in this palette, but like all other mattes, they do blend out nicely, even if they are a bit on the powdery side.

Trends Azure’ also features a couple of ‘marbled’ shades, but these definitely pack a bit more pigment. The shade ‘Volcano’ is a vibrant metallic copper, whilst ‘Element’ is more of a bronze-y gold. Both look stunning on the lid, and look best when applied with a finger. The rest of the mattes are your more warm toned reds, browns, a couple of more neutral shades and then a very bold, dark blue. I have to admit, whilst I’m still a little… less creative, I do find this palette a little more difficult to work with, but that’s not a bad thing. If anything, it will encourage me to step out and try something different.

The ‘Allure‘ Supreme Eyeshadow Palette is also pretty cute. Although the metallic shades in this palette do seem to be a little on the ‘chunkier’ side with A LOT of fallout. But the mattes are still nice and smooth and almost buttery. Personally, I don’t reach for this palette as often as the others; the smaller range of shades is limiting, but I do understand there are people who like palettes like that. But I still think you can create some nice ‘glam’ looks; just be careful with the shimmers!

There also also loose eyeshadow packs, designed to work inside their empty magnetic palettes, but I have not tried any of these yet, but hopeful to try some in the future.


Revolution released 2 sets of lipsticks; the Supreme Matte Lip Pigments (£4 each) and the Pro Supreme Lipsticks (£5 each).

The Supreme Matte Lip Pigments are packaged like a liquid lipstick and actually look really cute! They remind me of the YSL lipsticks; the glossy black square tube with the little see-through sections so you can see the colour inside. Available in 30 shades, these almost feel like a regular lipstick when applied, but they do dry down to a matte finish… eventually. It’s not the most quick-drying formula but it does eventually get there. The shades I have tried are ‘Affection’ which is a terracotta brown, ‘Intuition’ which is a deep dark berry (and the most patchy of the three) and ‘Veil’ which is a more light terracotta nude. They aren’t completely smudeproof; I have noticed a little transfer, but not a lot. I would still probably need to touch up throughout the day, but not that often. They do feel nice and comfortable on the lips; not too drying.

The Supreme Lipsticks are your more traditional bullet style lipsticks, again available in a variety of shades; from the lightest nudes up to the deepest, darkest berries. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t reached for these all that often. The reason being, that even though they are nicely pigmented, it feels a little oily on the lips, even after blotting. But they do dry down to a matte finish, but it feels a little heavier than the Lip Pigments. One thing I have yet to understand, as at the bottom of the tube, there is a little section you can pull away (I thought it was just to indicate the colour) but inside is… well, I can only describe it as maybe like a tinted lip balm? It’s tricky to get my giant fingers in, but with a lip brush; it has colour, but its not as bold as the main lipstick. ELF cosmetics do a similar thing with their lipsticks too. I ordered the Lipstick Collection ‘Noir‘, which has 5 lipsticks for £7. These are all deep, dark vampy shades. There are other collections as well, all for £7. 

Finishing Spray

So I grabbed the ‘Supreme Matte Finishing Spray’ (£6 for 100ml) to set everything in place. I mean, it does what it’s meant to do; it holds everything in place for a reasonable amount of time. It gets to about 6 hours before I start to see any signs of makeup fading or shifting. It’s not a bad spray; perhaps not the best for my drier skin, and it does have a slight… chemical fragrance. Only VERY slightly, and it does dissipate rather quickly. But it does always surprise me every time.

Revolution Pro – HOT or NOT?

Taking EVERY thing into account, I’m going to say the Revolution PRO lineup is… HOT! There are a few products that don’t quite hit the mark for me personally; not necessarily because they are bad – they just don’t really work all that well for me. The concealer, the highlighting quad and the setting powder will most likely just sit in my makeup drawer gathering dust (until I get round to actually doing a declutter). The Supreme Lipsticks are another that I won’t really be reaching for. But everything else, I am pretty impressed with; and everything is SUPER affordable. So if you are looking for quality makeup on a budget; there is certainly some great stuff here. 

You can buy directly from Revolution Beauty, or do what I did – get it from Superdrug when they have their 3 for 2 on makeup; I think they have this offer on at the time of writing – so check it out! Since purchasing all this stuff, they have released more products: more primers, eyeliner and there are of course products from the range that we have yet to try; would you be interested in a follow up post? Let me know, and I’ll see if I can get hold of some more products to try out. In the meantime, have you tried anything from the Revolution Pro range? What do you like? What didn’t you like? Hit me up in the comments below or catch us on Twitter or Instagram.