I realise I am perhaps a *little* late with getting this video up; but you know, i’ve never recorded videos like this before so we’re bound to have some technical hiccups – but finally we’re here!

And YES; this video is shorter than our first one. YAY! And we’ve added some “bloopers” at the end, so you can see how much of a moron I really am! But anyway, yes – we are here to talk about my MARCH FAVOURITES! All the products that I have loved and reached for consistently over the past 30 odd days. Some of these things have been reviewed on the blog before, the rest haven’t – if you would like full in-depth reviews of any of the products mentioned – then please let me know! But for now, enjoy the video and I cannot WAIT to hear what you think! In the meantime, for those who don’t wish to watch the video, or don’t have the option yet, here is a brief summary of everything we talked about.


There were two primers that I have been pretty much been using exclusively; one of them is very high-end and the other is a complete bargain at the drugstore. Both have worked wonderfully for me, and I switch between the two for differing reasons.

Guerlain L’Or Radiance Concentrate with pure gold

I am almost certain that this is the most I have spend on a single item for my ever-growing collection of makeup. This primer costs a whopping £47.50 a bottle. So what is so special about it? Well it is infused with 24k gold flakes, which is supposed to give skin the ‘ultimate’ glow. Well, I have to admit I haven’t noticed so much of a glow, but what I do notice, is that my skin feels really hydrated after application. It also has the most alluring scent; blending jasmine, rose, benzoin and white musk… it does smell like ‘expensive’ skin care. I also note that my foundation (all of them) seem to apply better when i’ve used this as my base. It’s a bottle of magic basically. But it is just so expensive… on the plus side, I have been using this for a while, and i’ve only gone through less than a third of a bottle, so it does last. But it’s so expensive… but so pretty…

You can get it from feelunique.

ELF Cosmetics Mineral Infused Face Primer

The second primer i’ve been reaching for was a little bit of a surprise. I picked this up when I did my first drugstore makeup haul; and I have been pleasantly surprised. This particular primer is a silicone based primer, designed to smooth out the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores and give a satin base to apply the rest of your makeup on. It’s not the most blurring (and i’ve yet to find a primer that offers me a decent level of blurring) BUT… unlike some of the other silicone based primers I have tried (Benefit POREfessional, for example) this one doesn’t break me out. I’ve had instances where the day after i’ve used another silicone primer, my nose breaks out horrendously. But i’ve not had that with this primer yet. It’s only £7.50 as well. It does create a good smooth base, it’s just not as hydrating, so on days where my skin is a little on the drier side, I might avoid it; but thankfully, it’s not very often.

You can get it from Superdrug.


We’ve got an in-depth review of the Dior Forever foundation here; so you can go and check that out if you want.

Revolution Fast Base Foundation Sticks

These were an absolute surprise. It took me ages to get hold of them, because they kept selling out in my shade; but I was finally able to grab a few to try and I am impressed. I’ve never used a stick foundation before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But for a foundation that only costs £5, I was pleasantly surprised. The coverage is *very* good – it did a wonderful job of covering up my redness and evened out my skin tone. The formula blends out quickly and effortlessly for a finish that doesn’t feel too heavy or cakey. It’s not my most long-wearing foundation, but it lasts long enough for a simple day at work (but perhaps not for a heavy night out!). They launched with 18 shades, which I think for a drugstore brand is pretty good and there is a fairly decent range of shades as well. I use shades F4 and F6.

You can get this from Revolution Beauty.


Revolution Conceal & Define

Staying with the Revolution brand, their Conceal & Define concealer has also been causing a bit of a stir. This retails for the bargain price of £4, and many have been calling it a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. I wouldn’t necessarily agree it’s a total dupe (I feel the Shape Tape does offer me slightly more coverage and longer wear), this one does offer good coverage that doesn’t feel to heavy. I haven’t really noticed it creasing too much. Like the foundations, this launched with 18 shades, but more are being added this week, which is exciting!

You can get this from Revolution Beauty.

ColourPop No Filter Concealer

Like the previous concealer, this one is a bargain at just $6! It’s got a good amount of coverage (it really does a great job of covering up my dark circles) but it can settle into my fine lines quite quickly if I don’t set it quickly after blending. But to be fair, my under-eyes are heavily textured so this is an issue I have with almost all concealers; i’m still working on finding the right powders for setting (this is a work in progress) but for $6, I do think it’s a great concealer AND it has 30 shades! This is what I like to see…

You can get it from ColourPop.


There are just a few eyeshadow palettes I have been reaching for over the past month or so; one is quite expensive, the others are all £10 or under.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

OK so I know this palette is not new; but over the past few weeks, I have been reaching for this one almost every time I do my makeup, because this is my favourite colour combination. The formula is beautiful; it blends smoothly, has good colour payoff and the packaging is just… probably one of my favourites. But I do appreciate this palette is almost £40. The Revolution New-Trals VS Neutrals palette offers a similar colour story, but it’s only £6.99. Now it’s not an exact dupe, but I do think some of the shades are close enough that I can almost recreate the same looks which each palette. There is a little more fall out with the Revolution palette; but it still offers high pigmentation and easy blendability (and it comes with a brush, like the Heat palette too).

You get the Heat Palette from Urban Decay.

ColourPop Lo-Key and Hi-Maintenance Palettes

These mini palettes were part of my first order with the ColourPop brand; and I chose them because they were $12 a piece, and because I am a basic bitch who loves their warm colours, the shades inside spoke to me. The formula is great; they blend on the eye with little effort, and there is again, a very good amount of colour payoff. I’ve heard lots of great things about ColourPop eyeshadows, and I can understand the hype. The Lo-Key palette is probably my fave though, as those 4 shades create my go-to eye look, and it’s in a palette that I can just carry around (in my pocket, almost). I’m looking forward to trying out more from the ColourPop brand.

You can get it from ColourPop: Lo-Key / Hi-Maintenance


ABH X Amrezy Highlighter

OK, so there is only one highlight I have been OBSESSED with for the last few weeks; the Anastasia Beverly Hills X Amrezy Highlight. What can I say about it? It’s blinding, blendable, buildable and looks flattering on almost every skin tone. The formula is buttery and I am crazy about how they managed to press it into the compact with that wavy effect. It blows my mind every time I open it. I just love the glow it gives my skin; it looks wet, not chalky and you can go in light for a more subtle glow. Or you can build it up to full on HIGH BEAM glow. It’s pretty exxy for a single highlight though (£29) but personally I do think it’s worth every penny, as you do get a decent amount of product in the pan. And it’s so pretty… I am working on finding some drugstore alternatives, so watch this space.

You can get it from Cult Beauty.


ColourPop LUX Lipstick

Yes, I know ColourPop have featured heavily here, but I only discovered the brand recently so give me a break… but DAMN; these LUX lipsticks are incredible. I normally prefer liquid lipsticks, but these are something else… The lipsticks glide on the lips like butter and offer one-swipe coverage that doesn’t feel heavy. It almost feels like i’m wearing nothing. The formula does dry down to a matte finish that isn’t completely transfer proof, but I have to admit they do last on my lips a lot longer than I expected. And the packaging is A+; the rose gold casing and the little stars imprinted in the lipstick… these feel like they should cost more than $7, and the performance is definitely what I would expect from a much more expensive brand so KUDOS ColourPop – you’ve converted me to tube style lipsticks (and i’ve received a few more recently… so keep an eye out for those in a new video…).

You can get it from ColourPop.

Setting Spray

Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection

I know this is a more expensive setting spray, but honestly, I have yet to find anything else that helps my makeup stay on my face for as long as this one does. To be truthful, I was a fan of the original all nighter spray, and I have to admit, I do not notice ANY difference in performance between this one and the original formulation; but it’s nice to know that this one is doing a little more to help protect my skin from everyday pollution that can leave our skin looking tired before it’s time. It is £2 more expensive than the original spray, but for the extra protection AND increased staying power of my makeup; I would say it was worth it.

You can get it from Urban Decay.

Final Thoughts

Whew! We got there. We did cover a lot in this video/article but March has been a really good month! Did you like this round-up? Have you tried any of the products on this list? What do you think? Do you agree? Would love to hear your thoughts so hit me up on Twitter or leave me a comment below. Would you like to see an April favourites? If so, again let me know and I would be happy to do that (especially as it’s my birthday soon and I am planning on going makeup shopping in London; so if you have any suggestions for brands or products I should be investigating, share with me!).

For now, if you made it through the video or this post and you are still here – THANK YOU! If you like what you see/read then please follow/subscribe/share. Until the next time…

This post is not sponsored or endorsed in anyway. All of these products have been bought with my own money; no one is paying me to talk about anything!