It’s been around a year since I started properly wearing makeup. In that short period of time, I have amassed a fair collection of makeup; and not everything has been a big hit. I do have a box of products that I have put to one side; full of things that I have regretted purchasing, but haven’t yet done anything with.

And I thought to myself, as i’m being REALLY slow and getting any proper reviews up, this might be a fun way to bash out a few mini reviews for stuff, and get a new post up on the blog. And so, that’s where we are at. So without further ado, let’s dive in, and see what we have…

Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

Let’s just get this one out of the way first. When Tarte announced the Shape Tape Foundation, the beauty community were caught in a blaze of excitement. The Shape Tape Concealer is one of the best concealers out there; so to have that kind of coverage in a foundation is only something we can dream of. But we were hopeful. The foundation dropped and I immediately hopped on and grabbed both (the Matte finish and the Hydrating formula) and silently weeped as that had been the most I had ever spent on a foundation, or any makeup product (at the time).

And then came the backlash. I admit, that it wasn’t even something that crossed my mind at the time of ordering (that’s white privilege for you); but the shade range was SHOCKING. There were about 15 shades of white, and around 3 shades designed for darker skin. Let that sink in for a second… we are in 2018, where other brands are dropping 40 shades (hello Fenty!) and Tarte drops… 18. And they are all mostly for lighter skin tones. It’s an absolute joke.

Still, I just spent almost £80 (plus shipping), so I was still going to use them. The foundation itself isn’t *bad*. The matte formula is full coverage, whilst the hydrating formula is… buildable. It’s definitely not full coverage out of the bottle like the matte formula. They both feel comfortable on the skin and have a decent wear time. The packaging is cute; the frosted glass bottle is nice – it does just look like a giant bottle of Shape Tape Concealer… right down to the doe foot applicator. Which is a pain in the ass. It’s fine for a concealer, but for a foundation – no. Give me a pump or get out. What’s also interesting, is the matte formula has a 6 month shelf life once opened, whilst the hydrating has 12 months… not entirely sure why. I use shade Light/Neutral which felt like the best match at the time. The matte formula OXIDISES a lot; it goes a much darker, pinkier tone once dry. The hydrating formula stays pretty much the same, but maybe dries down on the yellower side of things. Will I be repurchasing when these run out / expire? No. Not at all.

YSL All Hours Foundation

We have a couple of foundations in my ‘regret’ pile; and I chalk this one up to me just having more money than sense at the time. I’d gotten a good bonus at work, and wanted to treat myself to some more high-end makeup. After reading/watching reviews, I had decided I wanted to try the Dior Forever foundation, and the YSL All Hours. I really wish I had researched better. Whilst the Dior would go on to become one of my all time favourites, the YSL quickly became one of my worst.

Firstly, the shade I have is wrong. And this is even after being ‘shade matched’ in store. At the time, B20 (Ivory) looked like a match. However, upon reflection, the lighting in the store was not the best, so this definitely comes off as a shade too light for my skin. We can salvage it with bronzer etc, but the colour difference is still noticeable. But that’s not the foundations fault, that’s mine. Still, the few times I have worn this, I have had to take it off. This is such a MATTE finish, that it actually feels like it’s sucking any moisture out of my face. Everything feels tight and dry. The coverage is great though; it is certainly full coverage. It’s just not for dry skin. At all. And it only gets worse once I start putting my powder products on top. I really wanted to like this (mainly because it was expensive) but this is just not for me. I will be seeing if any of my paler friends are in need of any new foundation!

Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation

I picked this foundation up during a drugstore shopping trip, trying to find some more affordable options to review (as everything I had tried so far can definitely be counted as high end). I didn’t really read much about this foundation; it was just under a tenner in Superdrug, it just went into the basket. I’ve only worn this foundation twice, and that’s enough for me to know it’s just not good. For me. I say ‘for me’ because I work with someone who raves about this foundation.

The coverage is medium, but buildable – and the bottle claims up to 16 hours of wear. No. Not on me. I started seeing patchiness and fading after just an hour. It also didn’t seem to want to blend well with any of my powder products. I would notice my bronzer or blush skipping when I used this foundation. It also dries down to a slightly ‘powdery’ finish, so it’s one of those products where you can definitely tell you have something on your face. I had the shade No.52 (Vanilla) which is a little warmer than the YSL. It is on the more affordable end of the spectrum, so hey; this might work for you. It just does not work for me.

Urban Decay After Glow Highlighting Palette

When I got into makeup, Urban Decay was my go-to brand. It was what I would wear every day until I started branching out and trying new things. Still, the things I had tried, I was impressed with, so when I saw this highlight palette on sale (that should have been my first clue…) I snapped it up. The After Glow palette has 4 highlight shades; Bliss (pale gold shimmer w/ golden shift), Peroxide (iridescent pink), NSFW (peachy pink) and Side Piece (golden peach).

These were such a disappointment. The formula is very chalky and not very smooth. When applied. these just sit on the skin, leaving a powdery streak of colour. I don’t really get any ‘glow’ or anything from these. They really enhance the texture on my cheek and it just looks chunky. Only ‘Bliss’ was flattering on my skin tone; the rest would certainly work better for darker skin tones. After Glow? After NO! Glad I did not pay full price for this palette.

e.l.f. cosmetics Illuminating Palette

I feel cheeky including this because TECHNICALLY.. I didn’t buy it. At least, intentionally. It was a free gift with purchase… so I kinda did buy it… but not really. Hey, that’s my rationale and i’m sticking with it. Anyway, I do like me some e.l.f. cosmetics. I’ve been using a lot of their skin care recently, and for an affordable brand, so far I have really enjoyed what I have used. However, when it comes to makeup – i’m not sold, because the few things I have tried, haven’t really blown me away. And this particular item really shocked me.

Like the aforementioned After Glow palette, this is a little quad of highlighters; 3 of which are on the more pale, muted side and one that’s a bit more bronzy. And much like the After Glow highlights, these are also dusty, chalky and offer little to NO glow. And for something called an ‘illuminating’ palette, this is unacceptable! I did recently purchase another one of their Face palettes, and this one is working out a lot better, so I know e.l.f. do have some good products in their lineup. This just isn’t one of them.

Urban Decay VICE meets METAL Lipstick Palette

OK, let me just pre-empt this by saying this is NOT a terrible product. I grabbed this when the holiday collection launched, along with the Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette. I was immediately sold on the gorgeous packaging and the range of shades inside the palette. Purples, Browns, Nudes, Pinks and Reds… both in Matte and Metallic finishes. It is a stunning little piece… I just… don’t really use it.

The little compact lip brush is cute and it does allow for easy and precise application of the product, and the colour selection is really nice and everything is pigmented. It’s just… fussy. I tend to just grab a shade off my lipstick tree and just pop it on, and go. This takes a little longer to apply and I just don’t have the patience. On this occasion though, I will do my best to try and keep using it… but only because i’ve dropped the money on it. I do wish I had been a bit more thoughtful last year; but in my defence it was all new and I was just SO EXCITED to have some cool-looking makeup in my collection. I am getting better, I promise.

Too Faced Melted Lipstick

I feel I need to preface this and say that I picked these up DEAD CHEAP from TK Maxx. I’ve seen beauty gurus pick up big brand make up for cheap from TJ Maxx in the US, so on a whim, I just popped in for a look; and I was sort of excited to see some Too Face, YSL, Guerlain all on their discounted makeup table. So I grabbed a couple of these Too Faced Melted lipsticks to try (they were a fiver each). Now, I don’t know if what I picked up were just REALLY old, or are just really bad… but these do not apply well. Like, at all.

They have a sponge tip applicator; you squeeze the tube to deposit product into the tip and then apply. Initially, it looked like the oils had seperated inside the tube, as all that was coming out was oil with a tiny bit of pigment. I have them a good shake and mix, and this time we got more pigment and coverage. The shades I picked up where ‘Villain’ (a deep dark plum), ‘Coral’ (a bright orange with a pink undertone) and a metallic shade ‘Metallic Violet’. Both Villain and Coral apply like a regular lipstick, if a little patchy. But they are not colours I would really wear. The Metallic shade is… well, it’s called a lipstick, but it comes out like a gloss, with barely any ‘metallic’ element to it. It’s not what I was expecting. You know, I picked these up cheap, i’m not mad… but I do regret being so hasty and snapping these up. Just because it’s a good price… buyer beware!

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eyeliner

I do feel bad that Urban Decay are featuring heavily on this list this time round; I love their Naked Skin foundation, their eyeshadow palettes (Naked Heat being my cult fave). But that doesn’t mean that I have to love everything, right? And the Heavy Metals Eyeliners are just things that I don’t get on with.

The glitter is very chunky, and when used as an eyeliner, it’s very patchy and it takes a LOT of effort to build up a solid block of colour. By that time, it’s just too heavy and I find it doesn’t take much to have that glitter knocking about all around my eyes. The only time i’ve really used this, is popping a little blob in the inner corner for a bit of a highlight; but even then, it’s just… I don’t like it. I tried using them as eyeshadow toppers as well, but the just seem to lift off the shadow underneath. So if you like really wet glitter on your eyes, then these are great! But for me… it’s a hard pass.

BLEACH London Louder Powder Eyeshadow

As we are into Pride Month, i’ve been wanting to experiment with bolder colours for rainbow-inspired eyeshadow looks. The palettes I have just aren’t giving me the bold colour pay off I really want. After a few recommendations, I decided to BYO palette from BLEACH London, using their Louder Powder eyeshadows. We got pretty much all the shades I needed, and I was so excited to give these a try, especially as the shadow singles were fairly reasonably priced. They also really swatched quite well in store as well.

But oh, how that excitement gave way to disappointment. Firstly, I didn’t realise that there were THREE different finishes. Sheer, Matte and Metallic. When I was trying to use these, I was like – hello? where’s the pigment?! I hadn’t realised that 2 of the shades I picked up were sheer. So I moved onto the mattes, and even then those were hit and miss. I used 2 different eye primers to see if that would help make a difference… I just couldn’t get the level of colour that I wanted. Out of the 9 shades I picked, only the turquoise shade will be used again; it’s got a LOT of pigment and it’s a beautiful colour. These aren’t necessarily bad eyeshadows; it’s just they weren’t what I was hoping for, and yes… I do just regret buying these.

Urban Decay Disco Queen Holographic Highlighter

Another unfortunate misfire from Urban Decay. The Disco Queen Highlighting Powder is just a chunky, glittery mess. Unlike some of their other highlighters, this does not melt into the skin. It just sits on my cheek, and looks… odd. Also, can we just talk about the packaging? One of the things I have always loved about UD is the packaging. This feels so out of sorts. It’s a cheap plastic clamshell that honestly wouldn’t look out of place in a Claire’s Accessories (No Tea, No Shade…). And this is why it’s sat in the drawer, being neglected. It’s just not good…

MUA Silent Disco Eyeshadow Palette

We’re finishing on a lighter note, because honestly I knew this palette was going to be bad. It was £2 from Superdrug. However, it had all the rainbow colours I was looking for, so I thought what the hell! And hell is what I got. It’s just a chalky, dusty mess. When first applied, the colour is actually nice and bold… but as soon as you start to blend, it pretty much just vanishes. This feels like the type of palette you would find in one of those christmas gift sets for kids, where it comes with like 500 eyeshadows, 20 blushes, 30 lipsticks… yeah, this is truly terrible. And I do whole-heartedly regret dropping a whole £2 on this ‘palette’.

And there we go…

My first ‘Makeup Regrets’ post of 2018. I will imagine that by the end of the year, we will have another post (there is still plenty of makeup out there for me to try!). What have been your biggest makeup regrets? Leave a comment down below, or hit us up on Twitter and Instagram!

Over and out for now!