Makeup that only costs $1? Are you kidding? That must mean it’s absolute garbage, right? It’s going to melt your face off… it can’t be good if it’s only a dollar?

Well that was what I wanted to find out for myself. I had seen several prominent YouTube beauty gurus talk about ShopMissA and their selection of makeup which is only ONE DOLLAR each. There seemed to be some hits and some misses; so I wanted to explore this for myself. After doing a little bit of research, it appeared that the ShopMissA own branded products (AOA Studio) seemed to have the better results; so I filled my basket up with a selection of products and decided that this would be our first video.

We spent $32 in total (which is around £22) and then paid £12 VAT and Handling charges when it arrived in the UK. It took around 3 weeks to arrive from shipping, so be prepared for a long wait! Everything was packaged securely with bubblewrap and we had no breakages upon arrived. So what did we get for our money?

What was in the bag?

We got two primers, two highlighters, twelve baked eye shadows, thirteen metallic lipsticks, two lip glosses, one matte lipstick, one lip penci, two beauty sponges and a holder. It wasn’t enough to do a full face, as they didn’t have my shade of concealer or foundation in stock at the time of order (plus, i’m quite picky about what foundation goes on my face!); I also totally forgot to order any blush/bronzer… so yeah, i’m doing great at this video lark already?!

David, your video is 40 minutes long and you are just so bad.. can you give me a summary?

Of course; yeah the video is long and rough (we did have a lot to talk about!) but I promise, I will get better. I stupidly decided to do this in one long take, which meant editing it was a bugger but i’ve learnt my lesson! I also forgot to plug in my proper microphone (doh!). But I promise; the next video will be MUCH BETTER so bare with me…!

Anyway, how did we get on? Well, as I expected, there were some surprise hits and some very severe misses…


We had two primers, the AOA Perfecting Blur primer and AOA Illuminating Primer; neither really blurred or illuminated. However, my foundation did apply smoothly and stayed in place for as long as I would normally have expected it too. So, I think these will be something I will explore again. I’ve certainly used worse primers that were WAY more expensive; so I will keep playing with these and will report back in the future.

Beauty Sponges

The Wonder Blender and Wonder Blender Mini were, actually, pretty good! The normal Wonder Blender is much larger than your regular beauty sponge; so it applied foundation very quickly but smoothly. I had no issues blending and buffing it out. The sponge is slightly firmer, but it still felt comfortable on the face. However, it’s larger size did mean it was tricky for precision blending… but that’s where the mini comes in! This one was perfect for around the eyes and nose, and perfect for concealer. For just a dollar each, these do come recommended – I will be using these again. The little holder is cute as well; keeps it safe once you’ve cleaned it and allows it to dry.


We tried two of the AOA Studio Wonder Baked Highlighters (Cupcake and Snap) and… I really didn’t like them. They are pigmented, so they do show up on the skin for a nice glow; but they are SO dry, that the just enhanced EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF TEXTURE on my face, and it was chunky. Most highlighters do, to be fair; but these ones were something else… even when used wet, it still made no difference. We also had a casualty; as I was getting ready to show it on camera, Snap fell out of the pan and broke so… yeah. I was not the biggest fan of these at all.

Baked Eye Shadows

We got a set of 12 baked shadows for $10; they were all lovely warm tones (what I love!). However, upon receiving them, the colours didn’t seem to offer much in the way of variety. Still; most of the shades were pigmented and did blend on the eye fairly reasonably. There were a couple of shades that were SO shear, but for the most part… they blended as well as a $1 eye shadow could be expected too. I’m not sold on these… but I may have to give them another try and like the primers, i’ll do an update on these later.

Matte Lipstick / Lip Pencil

The matte liquid lipstick and lip pencil we tried was in the shade ‘Blessed’. The lip pencil was creamy but it did wear down very quickly, and I feel the pigmentation wasn’t as strong as it could be. The lipstick itself had a pleasant scent and applied without any tingling or discomfort. However, this colour was a little streaky, so needed building up for full opacity. The doe foot applicator is also a little smaller than I’m used too, so it did take a long time to build up the coverage; but it still gave a precise application. It dried down reasonably quickly but it was a little sticky. But for a dollar… I would probably wear this again.

Lip Gloss

Now these I loved; the Diamond Lip Gloss (in shades Gypsy and 24K) were actually pretty good. They were not too sticky, they felt really nice and hydrating and they applied on the lips really easily. They look good both just on their own or on top of another lipstick. There was no discernible scent and they did just feel really comfortable. I was most certainly be using these again, and may even have to try and grab some of the other shades as well.

Metallic Liquid Lipsticks

This was a bundle of 12 lipsticks for $10 and was definitely a mixed bag. Some shades were really beautiful, opaque and, like the matte lipstick, had a very sweet and pleasant scent. Some other shades (YASS and Solo) were either just too shear or just didn’t look right on my skin. I definitely preferred the warmer red/orange shades; they swatched beautifully and they seemed pretty comfortable once they were on the lip. (Vanity, OMG and Naughty were my faves).

Thank you David; now please just get better at video quickly

OK! I will certainly do my best to streamline video production. At this point, videos will most likely happen once a week, just whilst I get used to things. If this all takes off, I will also look into getting my studio better kitted out with some more lights and a better camera (full disclosure, I am just using my iPhone at the moment.. but as I said before, we all gotta start somewhere!).

So if you enjoyed this or, I don’t know… would be interested in seeing more (I could try and do a full face and order some more products in) then let me know! If you did watch it all the way through to the end, you are a CHAMPION and I love you.

Until next time…